Counseling and Psychotherapy for Anxiety and Depression

You are struggling with your mood and/or worries. You might be wondering,

  • Why do I worry so much?
  • My worries are not real, they don’t make sense
  • Why do I feel so hopeless?
  • Why am I never in a good mood, hopeful and optimistic?

Maybe you are having a hard time falling or staying asleep or have lost your appetite.

You may have unintentionally lost a significant amount of weight in a short period of time.  Or you may feel preoccupied with a problem that you cannot get out of your head no matter how hard you try.  Maybe you find yourself going over and over the problem in your mind without being able to stop.  You may feel on edge and irritable most of the day every day.

If symptoms like this have gone on for weeks, months, or years without improvement, it may be time for assistance to help you get back on track.

I can help you achieve a practical and useful understanding of the inner workings of your depression and/or anxiety, and help you find ways to address these emotional intruders that make you feel overwhelmed and rob you of self-confidence.  My goal is to help you stand up to the challenge of reclaiming your life by helping you to effectively face whatever emotional and situational challenges you are experiencing.

There is nothing shameful or weak about asking for help with problems.  If you broke a leg, would you try to heal the bone by yourself?  Stop struggling alone.  And if things still have not improved with the help of family and friends, it may be time to take it to the next level.  Family and friends may really care about you and try to help, but they are not trained professionals, and your issues may be beyond their ability to help.  They do not have decades of experience helping people like I do.  You may require a neutral nonjudgmental professional outside your network of family and friends.


  • Conflict between who you are and who you would like to be
  • Fragile self-esteem that requires too much reassurance from your environment
  • Impossible to reach standards
  • An overly harsh conscience which makes you get down on yourself
  •  Relationship conflicts that feels endless and impossible to solve

Of course you want to feel happier, whether the goal is increased satisfaction with yourself or better connections with others.

Improvement is possible.  I see it all the time.  I am serious about helping you.

If you are facing significant challenges that feel beyond your ability to cope, I urge you to seek counseling or therapy in which I have invested decades of training and experience.  I am continually improving my skills by reading, attending conferences, teaching, and reflecting on my personal and professional experiences.

Here is what some outstanding therapists who supervised me have said about my training and experience:

Therapy is really not that complicated.  A great therapist once said it is basically refined common sense.  It is not that difficult to figure out what needs to change.  But change never comes easy, that is where the hard part comes in.  What makes change possible is practice.  If you want to get better at something, the more you practice, the greater the potential of mastering it.  It’s the same with emotional tasks, whether it’s learning to sit with feelings versus acting on them, tolerating discomfort long enough to find a true solution that will make you feel more satisfied with your life, etc.


Medical doctors recognize that while medicines and medical procedures are important, IT’S THE DOCTOR-PATIENT RELATIONSHIP THAT CURES (New Yorker Magazine, January 23, 2017, “The Heroism of Incremental Care”).

Please call, text, or email me so that together we can develop a fine-tuned treatment plan for you as an individual.  Call my landline at (305) 441-6655; I will pick up if I can, or leave me a voicemail and I will return your call as soon as I am able.  Or send a text to my cell phone at 786-543-2313.  Or email me at

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