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American Psychoanalytic Association

Founded in 1911, the American Psychoanalytic Association (APsaA) is the oldest national psychoanalytic organization in the nation. APsaA as a professional organization for psychoanalysts, focuses on education, research and membership development. In addition to the national organization,

The Association for Child Psychoanalytics

The Association for Child Psychoanalysis (ACP) is an international not-for-profit organization. All its members are highly trained child and adolescent psychoanalysts. The organization was founded in 1965 to provide a forum for the interchange of ideas and clinical experience in order to advance the psychological treatment and understanding of children and adolescents and their families.

American Psychoanalysis Association

Founded in 1979, the Division of Psychoanalysis is the 39th division of APA. With more than 3,000 doctoral level psychologists, graduate students and allied mental health professionals, it is one of the largest associations of psychoanalytic professionals and scholars in the world.



Staying Connected to Your Teenager, Revised Edition:

How to Keep Them Talking to You and How to Hear What They’re Really Saying Paperback – June 27, 2017
by Michael Riera (Author)

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