Excerpts from Letters of Recommendation

“…an engaging individual, warm, intellectually curious, and always desirous of learning as much as he could about his scientific craft…a talented and ethical clinician, a therapist who cared about his patient and who worked very hard to help…a highly effective individual…”

“…a well-trained, accomplished Clinical Psychologist with years of experience working with both children and adults in psychotherapy and providing psychological assessments… I think very highly of him as a person and as a Clinical Psychologist…a committed, ethical psychologist who is devoted to helping his patients and serving as a valuable member of his community and professional organizations…he obtained clinical training and experience (with both adults and children) that is second to none…he has shown leadership and involvement on the national level…he has already achieved a remarkable record of organizational participation, effectiveness and leadership…intelligent, creative, committed to doing excellent work…”

“…exceptionally intelligent and well-educated individual, highly invested in his professional development. His clinical work was characterized by extraordinary commitment and integrity. His previous personal and educational experiences had refined his intellectual skills and deepened his ability to understand the diversity and complexity of human psychology. His ability to empathize, his impeccable ethical principles and his theoretical knowledge allowed him to develop strong alliances with patients of a very broad spectrum of diagnostic categories. He also developed excellent relationships with colleagues and was very skillful in the coordination of his patients’ care with other caregivers. His case presentations at the clinical meetings of our multidisciplinary team consistently revealed the depth of his knowledge of theory as well as his clinical experience.”

“…thoughtful and sharp, demonstrating a clear understanding of the different dimensions of his patients’ psychic reality…was highly motivated to understand the role he played in his patients’ process of therapeutic change. It was evident that he was an outstanding clinician…consistently received excellent evaluations from his supervisees, who valued his contributions to their education…extremely hard-working, highly motivated and intellectually honest individual, with a strong desire to help others and a passion for psychotherapy…

In sum, I have supervised psychology trainees for twenty years in an institution that is extremely competitive, and I would place Dr. Lagomasino within the top 5% of his peers…due to his combination of emotional and cognitive talents, his motivation to grow, his multicultural background and his ethical values…an outstanding professional and person…”

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